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  Adjustable Circle hole cutter
The blade is applied high-grade alloy tool steel. The cutting edge is polished carefully and can regulate the cutting diameter at ease. The product is packed in box by one set with attachment. The blade can be dismantled freely and is easy to adjust. It also has shielding cat. Characteristic: It can cut thin and ultra thin metal board. It is also adaptable to non-metal board especially wooden board such as wooden ceiling. Operator can make sure their needed diameter of a hole according to the visual scale label. The blade of comfortable stabber has reasonable cutting degree, which can bring the operator a feel of light and quick while using.
Art No.: 11001001
Circle Cutter
Art No.: 11001002
Circle Cutter
Art No.: 11001003
Circle Cutter
Adjustable Circle hole cutter with a protection cowl
Art No.: 11002001
Art No.: 11002002
Art No.: 11002003
Art No.: 11002004
Accessories for Circle hole cutter
Art No.: 11003001
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Art No.: 11003002
Pilot Drill (HSS)
Art No.: 11003003
Pilot Drill (TCT)
Art No.: 11003004
Pilot Drill (Auger)
Art No.: 11003005
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Art No.: 11003006
Cutter Knife (TCT)
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