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Self-Centering Hinge Drilling Vix Bits
This High Speed Steel drill bit is perfect for pre-drilling screw holes for cabinet hardware such as hinges. The self centering design of the bits ensures that the hole will be drilled absolutely in the center. Simply follow these three steps for flawless execution:

Secure the hardware temporarily in position.
Position the slightly rounded tip of the drill bit guide into the hole of the hardware. Notice how the rounded tip of the guide ensures that the bit is centered in the hole.
Start the drill and apply pressure pushing the spring loaded drill bit through the guide, through the hardware and into the material.
The drill depth may be changed by means of loosening the set screw on the body, adjusting the brill bit to the desired depth and then locking the set screw again. The drill bit is made from high speed steel and as such is likely to stay sharp some ten times longer than similar bits made from high carbon steel. The guide body is made from nickel plated steel.

Vix Bits Size
Screw Size
3#, 4#
5#, 6#
8#, 9#, 10#
14#, 15#, 16#
Vix Bits Set
This set includes the following bits:

Drill Bit Size: 3/32" - Screw Sizes: #3 and #4
Drill Bit Size: 7/64" - Screw Sizes: #5 and #6
Drill Bit Size: 9/64" - Screw Sizes: #8, #9 and #10
Drill Bit Size: 11/64" - Screw Sizes: #12
Drill Bit Size: 13/64" - Screw Sizes: #14, #15 and #16

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