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HSS Twist Drills
Favorite of both the DIY and industrial markets. The general purpose, 118 degree point, ideal for portable and machine drilling. Designed to perform in low and medium carbon steel, cast iron and wood. The 135 degree split point is self-centering and reduces thrust. Ideal for portable or machine drilling of low tensile strength alloy material, stainless steel, and other medium duty applications. Available in bright finish, black oxide, titanium nitride coated, bronze color oxide. More choices for consumer.
HSS Twist Drills Set
5pc Twist Drills Set
19pc Twist Drills Set
6pc Twist Drills Set
21pc Twist Drills Set
8pc Twist Drills Set
25pc Twist Drills Set
10pc Twist Drills Set
29pc Twist Drills Set
13pc Twist Drills Set
115pc Twist Drills Set
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